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Well Hello
Hi all,
I'm new here!

Just a little introduction, you can call me Steph and I live in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.
There's a big chance I won't put up any stories here since I suck at writing, also, my grammar isn't that good and for you guys reading a story in Dutch would practically be impossible to understand :)

The main reason I'm here is because of my addiction to Rookie Blue. Well actally, it's the only reason.
When they started airing here in the Netherlands, S1 had already finished, so after the first ep here I watched the complete season in less than a week. Ever since, I watched the eps when they aired in the States/Canada.
Every season I became more interested in the show and wanted to know as much as I could about it, which is how I wound up at TWC. And one thing led to another and reading fanfics, like brushing my teeth and putting on pyjamas, became my pre-bed-time-ritual.

I'm really thankful for all of you guys who keep writing these wonderfull stories. It's amazing the creativity and the good writing that lies in a lot of writers here.

So I guess all I'm saying is, thank you for keeping me sane through the hiatus and keep up the good work!

Have a good day everyone :)


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